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Moskitoo - Mitosis (album)

One of the choice cuts of today’s new music for me is the album ‘Mitosis’ from the Japanese artist Moskitoo . This Sapporo born, Tokyo based lady (Sanae Yamasak) bills herself as sound & graphic designer and vocalist. According to her record company’s, 12K, blurb “she creates her own musical world using everyday instruments and objects like guitars, xylophones, and toys, to produce a style where electronic sounds and the harmonic layer of her unique voice meet.” 

Whatever about the process, the end result on her sophomore labum ‘Mitosis' is pretty special, if quite amorphous, reminding me a lot of some of the female-fronted fractured-electronica that Morr Music are renowned for. Except that the vocals are in Japanese (I think) rather than Icelandic, German or broken English. I am only on my second listen so am not really in a position to do a detailed review but  if, like me, you like what you hear, her back catalogue, including her 2007 debut album drape, is on Spotify. 

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