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Nina Persson - Animal Heart (Video)

It has been far to long since we heard any new material from Nina Persson, with the last album from The CardigansSuper Extra Gravity' dating back to 2005 and the last A Camp album ‘Colonia' in 2009. Despite some collaborative work she seems to have spent the intervening time having a child (Nils) with her husband Nathan Larson and recovering from cervical cancer. Thankfully all is well and she has just debuted the video for the title track for from her first proper solo album ‘Animal Heart.’ The album, which was recorded with her husband and Eric D. Johnson, will be released in February. Tour dates are promised in support. 

The Cardigans have not got away either and have been playing sporadic festival dates over the last year or so. The have also started uploading a few recent rehersal videos to their YouTube Channel. The are worth a look if you are a fan while we are waiting for the album.

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